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Magdalena Bay Whales Video

Magdalena Bay Whales

Climb aboard to get close & personal with majestic whales on Baja California’s Magdalena Bay, on a thrilling 6-hour whale, dolphin, and bird watching tour.  Explore La Isla, a secluded island in the Pacific Ocean, where we’ll greet some of the last fishermen of  Baja California Peninsula, learn & soak up on culture, experience a unique way of life style. Hike and photograph the magnificent sand-dunes as you look for some of the most beautiful sea shells on the bay. But it’s the annual migration of the grey whales that come down to the warmer waters to give birth and raise their young that truly captivates.

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Magdalena Bay Whales

Certificate of Excellence


Magdalena Bay Whales

Certificate of Excellence


Magdalena Bay Whales

Certificate of Excellence


Magdalena Bay Whales

Certificate of Excellence


Magdalena Bay Activities

  • Marina Life
  • Fishing Poles
  • Kayaks Available
  • SUP Boards Available
  • Hike and Explore the Island
  • Nearby Bird Sanctuary
  • Magnificent Sand Dunes & Beach
  • Visit one of the last real Baja Fishing villages
  • Observe Fisherman of Baja
  • Soak up the Baja Mexico Culture
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